Meet Freja


Hello beautiful human,

Whatever it is that brings you to my site today, welcome!

My name is Freja (pronounced the same as Freya) and it is my mission in life to uplift and inspire humanity through the joys of connection and pleasure.

If you’re looking for authenticity – you’ve found it.

I believe everyone deserves a life full of pleasure, passion and turn-on.

To help you understand how I can sprinkle some magic into your life, I’ll share a little about myself...

I am a student of Tantra and have been on a journey of personal and professional study in body based learning for over 20 years. I have a genuine love of this work because I have seen so many people transformed by the opportunity to deeply relax and feel safe, while being fully seen and accepted in their desire for pleasure and human connection. 

Your pleasure is my passion!

If you are respectful and enjoy being in the company of someone who is kind and caring by nature and also sensually alive, then I'm sure we will get along beautifully. I am genuinely interested in helping you improve the quality of your life and I'm deeply passionate about creating healing experiences that have a profound and lasting impact. I believe accessing deep pleasure in your body is a powerful tool for transformation and creating success in your life and relationships.

I am professionally trained in massage and tantra, so you will be in the hands of someone highly skilled.

I'm health conscious and open-minded, completely drug-free and use only natural and organic plant-based oils.

For those who are first time visitors, shy or inexperienced with a sensual massage therapist, please relax... I don't bite. Well, not unless you want me to! I am happy to teach, explore and explain all things sexual to help you understand the subtleties of pleasure and arousal, giving you more confidence in and out of the bedroom.

What I am not... I am NOT a hard-core porn star experience or someone who is simply here to entertain you. If you want an experience that is based on just getting off, I am definitely NOT your girl.

What I am is genuine, fun, soft and sensual. I am more interested in connecting with you as a person, dropping the social masks we all wear that keep us feeling separate and alone and providing you with a fun, playful and highly erotic experience which engages your heart and mind as well as your body. If that turns you on then I AM your girl.

Come and get pampered like a King in the presence of a sensual embodied woman. 

My place is located near Fremantle in a beautiful private space with clean shower facilities available.

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