Sensual Remedial Massage (working on the physical/structural body) - Do you experience muscular tension and pain in your body due to work or sport related activities? Does your body feel heavy, tight and tired? I have been fully trained in Remedial Massage and Deep Tissue Bodywork which can be highly beneficial for chronic or acute physical tension and stress. 

Achieving pleasure doesn’t have to be a two dimensional process. It can be so, so much more than fulfilling sex and intimacy. Your experience in life can be mind-blowing, multi-dimensional, and blissful connection beyond your wildest dreams.

The art of the feminine, the power of the masculine, the beautiful dance between the two, and the dynamic nature of sexual polarity and connection


I am also highly skilled in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I have years of training in healing using the meridian based modality that allows you to release pain and increase pleasure.


EFT is a tool I use with clients all over the world to heal childhood traumas, alleviate pain and cure otherwise "incurable" diseases.


Clients come to me for a wide variety of reasons. Any issues you have, I am willing explore if I can help you.


I believe sex is a powerful tool and I love helping people use their sexual energy to bring magic into their life.

Modern Man Make-Over - Are you a man that wants to improve his image but not sure where to start? I am an expert in helping you leverage your natural gifts and talents so the real you shines through. Women always recognise a man that knows how to show up looking his best!