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Text (via WhatsApp) or email for initial contact, as it is highly unlikely I will be available to answer phone calls. Please provide the following details or you will not receive a response.

* Name and age.

* Preferred day and time.

* A little something about yourself.

  • Priority is given to those who text courteously with the above details and organise to have a brief phone conversation when convenient.

  • Impolite, rude and derogatory messages will be ignored.

  • Privacy and discretion is valued highly, both yours and mine.

  • I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • bookings are confirmed by phone conversation only (no blocked numbers).

* Please be aware that availability for bookings can sometimes change quickly, and booking times are reserved only after your booking has been confirmed. All first-time bookings require a phone conversation to be confirmed.

* Kind, respectful and well-groomed gentlemen only.

Monday - Friday 1pm - 6pm
Bookings outside these hours subject to availability and requires 24 - 48 hours advanced notice. 

1 hour session $250
1.5 hour session $375
2 hour session $500

Couple Session (2 hours) $550

One way touch only
No Full Service

* Yes, I charge more than your average parlour - there is a very good reason for that. You won’t find anything like this at a parlour. Come and experience it for yourself…

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CONTACT: Freja Valentine
WhatsApp: +61 451 757 323 Please ensure you have a recent profile photo.
Current location: Perth (Fremantle Area)

WHY WhatsApp? I am often travelling internationally which means my Australian phone number is not always operational. WhatsApp allows you to use my Australian number to get in touch with me anywhere in the world. It is therefore the most efficient and reliable method for successfully contacting me to organise and confirm bookings. If you do not use WhatsApp then please download the app and start. I’d love to connect with you! 🙂

Booking Etiquette

Your first contact is important – first impressions count!

I am selective about my clientele, and from the moment you send your first text message I am deciding if I feel comfortable with the way you communicate and conduct yourself.

It is important to follow the booking instructions outlined above and below, as this demonstrates that you are thoughtful and respectful.

On a practical level, it is also the best way to reach me.

Text message (via WhatsApp) or email for initial contact. If you do not use WhatsApp then please download the app and start, as it is the most efficient and reliable way to connect with me. Please also ensure you have a recent profile photo so I know what you look like. A message or email that is polite and straightforward is appreciated. Simply introduce yourself with name and age and a little something about yourself, ask any questions you may have and state your preferred day and time for a session.

I do not return missed calls as I do not want to invade your privacy. Your first attempt to contact me will not always be successful. If this is the case and you have not heard back from me within 24 hours please feel free to bump your text or email. I can receive a lot of messages in a short space of time and I am not offended if you resend your message to bring it to my attention. If your message is straightforward and contains the information requested, you will get a response.

Be respectful and courteous in your communication, and you can expect the same in return. The use of vulgar or offensive language is not tolerated. Certain ways of talking during a session may be exciting and arousing, but they are not desirable or acceptable when arranging a session. Inappropriate language will result in your number being blacklisted and blocked.

Do not try to negotiate my rate. It is offensive and disrespectful and will result in an immediate and permanent block.

I have provided information on my services throughout this website. Please take the time to read thoroughly before contacting me, so you can keep your questions to subjects that have not already been covered.

If you are looking for a particular service or fantasy, I invite you to have the courage to ask. The worst that can happen is I will politely decline if I am not comfortable with your request.

Do not ask for services that have been clearly stated are NOT part of the sensual/tantric massage session.

If you made it this far I'd like to sincerely thank you for your care and consideration in desiring to learn more about booking etiquette with your sensual massage practitioner. 

I hope you are having a beautiful day and let's chat soon!

Warmest regards,

Freja xo