What Clients have to say

Freja is stunning. Not only is she physically beautiful, it’s everything about her. She genuinely cares. I feel like I’m on top of the world for days after I see her. Highly recommended!
— Michael, 37

This kind of thing is so rare. This kind of connection with another person just doesn’t come along every day. Words can’t describe it. I’m just very happy to have stumbled across this work. I never knew I could feel this way.
— Marc, 35

If you are looking for stress relief, this woman is Magic! I walk in feeling like a tightly coiled spring and I walk out relaxed, calm and feeling fantastic. I even sleep better.
— Ken, 55

I’m very grateful something of this quality is available here in Perth. Freja is a lovely woman who genuinely cares about my wellbeing. I’m glad to know her.
— Louis, 49

Freja is the real deal. She is funny, intelligent, caring and super sexy. You won’t regret a moment you spend with her and you’ll feel like a million dollars afterward. She’s just great!
— Matthew, 29

An experience like this can’t really be measured in money. You simply can’t buy this kind of thing, it’s worth so much more. I never knew feeling this way was even possible. It’s more like a journey back to yourself, but you discover you’re much more than you thought.
— Dennis, 62

My life was not in a good place when I first found Freja and came to see her. My personal life was completely falling apart and I had no idea how to fix the problems. Ironically it was through learning how to properly receive sensual touch that I learned how to become more sensitive to what was going on in my life. It’s been a long road but things are improving. I’m understanding so much more about my own body and energy and I’m able to offer so much more to the people close to me. I know it sounds strange but working with Freja is saving my marriage. She is a rare kind of woman.
— Sidney, 51

I can’t recommend Freja highly enough. Her touch takes me into a different world. I literally feel like a different man. I consider it an investment in my physical and mental health.
— Dean, 43

I don’t know how to describe it. Freja’s work is something else... I have never experienced anything like it. It’s like some kind of initiation into a whole new world.
As I said, I can’t describe it, but I definitely recommend it.
— Elias, 45


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